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Logisticator facilitates complex RFI and RFQ processes. Moving products by air, land or sea all around the world have never been easier before!

Transparent process

Get clear overview of your logistic operations. Use our platform to establish fully transparent process for transport tenders in your organization. Provide top experience for your providers.

Optimize costs

Our competitive tendering methods ensure value for money both in private and public procurement sectors.

Discover new providers

Invite your existing providers and let Logisticator can recommend you new reliable logistic partners!

Over 120+ unique tenders monthly
with the most reputed brands

Learn why the most successful organizations choose Logisticator.

Real Time System

Get instant updates and alerts! You can see real-time provider bids updates during ongoing inquiry.

Analysis & Reports

Advanced reports and data visualization will help you to compare providers and better understand transport-related costs in your organization. Logisticator analysis tools fulfill auditing, controlling and compliance requirements.


Verify Providers

See providers rankings in our network. Set up RFI process to gather additional information and compare logistic providers.

Rich Customization

You can run both open, closed or "ranking tender types according to your procurement strategy. We also support multi-round tenders.

Logisticator in your own domain?

Take advantage of all Logisticator tools and network while keeping providers in your own world.


Dedicated portal for the electronic procurement of logistics services.

Your providers can be invited to your own portal both for contract tender invitations and ad hoc (spot) tender invitations. Give them great experience working with you!

Portal will be individually designed according to your brand visual guideline, branded with your logo and configured based on your specific requirements.

Do you need any specific software logic to further simplify and optimize supply chain operation in your organization? Our robust and flexible software infrastructure make it possible to deploy new system extensions exceptionally quickly.


Leadership Team

Logisticator is staffed with experienced logistics, transportation and IT professionals.

Kay Ohlf, COO

Having suberb supply chain management expertise Kay is responsible for managing day-to-day company operations and making sure our clients are fully satisfied with the platform. With over 15 years experience in logistics industry he knows it inside out!

Bolko Kissling, CEO

Visionary serial entrepreneur with over 25 years industry experience and proven track record in closing high-impact business deals. Privately Bolko is a fan of good cuisine and as a side business he's also running his own chain of restaurants serving...

Tomasz Florczak, CTO

Recipient of multiple tech awards. High degree of product design expertise. Not sure what he's exactly doing but always looks busy. Occasionally share some deep tech thoughts with rest of the team.

Logisticator was established in 1998 to provide multidimensional services in logistics industry. The company is based in the US, Germany and Poland. We all strongly embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and enjoy providing top services for our clients!

Platform & Consulting

Learn how introducing Logisticator to your organization can make a difference.


Save time and increase efficiency

Automate processes, save time and reduce the amount of paper used within the logistics network. Logisticator platform guarantees secure, precise and standardized data exchange, increasing the transparency whilst maximizing your cost and time efficiency.


Let us optimize your procurement strategy

We advise our clients on all aspects of transportation procurement using our expertise gained from the setup and management of tenders for over 200 organizations worldwide. In particular we try to pick optimum combination of the biddings techniques to maximize effects of their tenders. Logisticator improves cargo security and cost performance both in land, sea and air transport modes.

Our workflow

Contact us to see how we can customize process for your organization.

Start RFI

Shipper sets up RFI process to gather information about logistic providers. Providers can describe their capabilities and experience as well as answer specific questions relevant for your inquiry.

Our RFI module allows to minimize information collection cost.

Acquire information

Rate providers

Providers can be ranked on their answers and general profiles. Then client can define rules to apply bonus values to suppliers having star rating within certain range i.e. apply 10% bonus to suppliers ranked > 4.5 Ranking of the suppliers in the final RFQ (Request for Quote) inquiry may be adjusted including those bonus values to award more experienced and better-performing tenderers.

Selected providers are invited to RFQ process.

Create invitation group

Start RFQ (Request for Quote)

Client is setting up RFQ (Request for Quote) inquiry with easy-to-use wizard. Client provides general description, timeline and defines tender items that will be quoted separately.

Invite providers to make bids


Providers quote on all tender items according to rate structure defined. Rate structure may define various price components for specific tender items. Logisticator is real-time system. Client sees updated prices as they are introduced.

Get quotes

Ranking & reports

Ranking is built based on suppliers bids. With advanced data visualizations shippers can easily compare providers.

Pick winners

Winners are selected

Client can pick single or multiple winners. Depending on tender configuration winners can be selected automatically.

To complete the business cycle, logisticator offer tools to facilitate the completion of business transaction with business partners. These tools include document templates for a variety of logistics related business transactions, communication tools, managing joined sales leads, online booking of freight, electronic document distribution, electronic and automated status event updates of shipment status’ (tracking & tracing) and financial processing capability. The platform is not only capable of tracking a shipment with a specific carrier, but through Logisticator’s Order Management System (OMS), provide full access to container details down to each SKU level.

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What our clients say?

We believe that the success of platform can be attributed to the exceptional service levels that we provide to our clients worldwide.

"Logisticator offered us a quick solution to manage long journeys our products make everyday. We've been using the platform for couple of years right now. It has made our lives much simpler! "
Samantha May, CEO
Wuensche Group
"It was worth every million dollars we spent on it. Logisticator met all of our needs and our goods are reaching their destination! ".
Barry Williams
Company X from California
"Cost effective, secure and reliable. We can access up-to-date freight rates and meet new verified providers."
Andrew Williams
Company Y from Germany

Are you Logistic Provider?

Create your profile and learn how get discovered by new great clients with Logisticator!


Get customized landing page and show the world how awesome you are!

Start right now by creating your profile describing your capabilities and experiences on different routes. System will generate customized landing page of your organization and help you to get discovered by new great companies!


Get exposure and reach out new clients.

No matter if you specialize in land, sea or air transport you can use Logisticator platform to reach out new clients. Logisticator opens your company the international door for business expansion.


More than business directory!

Pre-screened providers will be readily visible to potential business partners. Our platform is not typical directory but a true business network as we recommend your profile to clients using our advanced matching algorithm.


Improved communication

We create technologies to bring together people, markets, and goods in a new modern, transparent and efficient way! With Logisticator you can better manage communication with your clients.

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We are happy to incorporate customer-specific requirements in our platform. Get in touch and let's talk about your needs! We create technologies to bring together people, markets, and goods in a new modern, transparent and efficient way!

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